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October 30th, 2014

The company I work for purchased product from Superior Gloves which put some maple candies in with samples of their product. These candies are the best! I had to find this company and order some personally. Keep supplying these great maple products!

Paul from Universal City, Texas
March 30th, 2013

I had my poor husband drive me 60 miles to get a piece of maple fudge. I am a chocolate junkie and once I tasted your maple fudge, theres no going back to chocolate now. We were in Vermont visiting family and now we are back home in Illinois. The one problem I have is I FORGOT my fudge in the fridge at our hotel. I am devistated!! Thank goodness I can order online. Half way home I noticed it was missing and realized what happened. My students are waiting on me to return to school with a piece for everyone. I cant wait to tell them what a great experience my family had at Maple City Candys. What a wonderful treat. Thank you again

Shari Lewis
Johnsburg, Illinois

shari from johnsburg , Illinois
February 28th, 2010

I recently purchased a bulk order of snowmen, leafs, and owls and I must say that it is the BEST maple candy that I have ever had! I have ordered from a few other online shops in Vermont and they do not compare. Your candy is soft and just melts in your mouth. The time and care you take in labeling the boxes and packing them for shipping shows how much you care about your product and your customers. I will stick with you folks from now on. Thank you again!!!

Melissa from Sterling, Connecticut
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