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Smoked Pepperoni, 6oz. link

Smoked Pepperoni
6 oz. link

Smoke a pepperoni? Turns out it's delicious! If you like good pepperoni, then you'll love this smoked pepperoni. Everyone we ask says it's one of, if not the best pepperoni they've tasted. Perhaps it's the combination of medium spicy heat and mellow smoke from corn cob and maple wood glowing embers - this smoke mellows and complements the punch of the spicy pepperoni. Top with a little maple mustard and you've got a wonderful complement to sharp cheddar cheese and a frosty Bock beer, such as Michelob's Amber Bock.

Click on the image above for another look at the pepperoni (shown in background next to summer sausage).

Vermont Smoke and Cure crafts some of the finest bacon, ham, pepperoni, and other smoked meats in the world using pure ingredients and old-fashioned methods. They've been at it for over 45 years, at their South Barre smokehouse in the hills of Central Vermont. They take great provide in smoking meats that Vermont farmers bring to them, as well as making what they refer to as "damn fine" natural smoked meats and fresh natural sausages.

Shipping smoked meats - You need not worry about shipping perishable items. When necessary we use food safe ice packs and thermal barriers, along with expedited delivery. Generally there is NOT an upcharge, but if additional charges do apply in order to ensure that your items arrive safely, we'll contact you for approval before shipping. REFRIGERATE upon arrival.

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