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When pure maple syrup is heated to a temperature of approximately 260 degrees, then removed from the heat and stirred until granulated... Voila! you have maple sugar. But, if you intend on making your own pure maple sugar, be careful! Boiling maple syrup can "boil over". Use a commercial food grade de-foamer, vegetable oil, cream or butter around the rim of the heating pan to contain the foam. But frankly, it's just a lot easier to purchase it. Let us do all the work.

Pure Maple Sugar, 16 oz. (1 lb.) package Product Code: 16OZSUGAR
Price: $17.00
Pure Maple Sugar, 12 oz. container Product Code: 12OZSUGAR
Price: $15.25
Pure Maple Sugar, 6 oz. container Product Code: 7OZSUGAR
Price: $8.75
Pure Maple Sugar Sampler, 3.0 oz. container Product Code: 3OZSUGAR
Price: $4.75