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No to be confused with blended maple butter, pure Vermont maple cream is produced by heating pure maple syrup to a temperature of approximately 232 degrees, allowing it to cool, then whipping it into a creamy spread. If you intend on making your own pure maple cream, be careful! Boiling maple syrup can "boil over".

Pure Maple Cream, 19.5 oz. glass jar Product Code: MCCCREAM4
Price: $20.95
Pure Maple Cream, 6 oz. glass jar Product Code: MCCCREAM3
Price: $7.95
Pure Maple Cream 2.4 oz. Sampler jar Product Code: MCCCREAM5
Price: $3.25
Pure Maple Cream, 1 lb. tub Product Code: MCCCREAM2
Price: $18.95
Pure Maple Cream, 1/2 lb. tub Product Code: MCCCREAM1
Price: $10.50
Maple Cream Cookies, 14 oz. box Product Code: MCREAM06
Price: $8.75