Maple City CandyHard Maple Candy

Not all pure maple sugar candy is the same. Just a few degrees difference during the making of maple candy and the candy can either cool and be nice and melt-in-your-mouth soft or more dry and granular. Both are OK, but here's the tricky part... If the candy is more granular then it ships well, but has a short shelf life before it turns hard and whitish in color. If the candy is more soft, then it has more moisture and a longer shelf life, but can melt during delivery if exposed to hot weather conditions. Our maple sugar candy is towards the softer side, giving it a longer shelf life. And we've perfected the shipping process to avoid melting. Your candy is made fresh and shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which arrives in 2-3 business days. DELICIOUS!!

Vermont Maple Sugar Candy Leafs Gift Box Product Code: MCANDYBX1
Price: $15.95
24-piece Assorted Maple Candy Gift Box Product Code: MCANDYBX2
Price: $14.95
Maple Candy Leaf Product Code: MCANDY03
Price: $3.75
Vermont Maple Candy Moose, 1.5 oz. Product Code: MCMOOSE
Price: $3.75
Maple Candy Santas Pair (Seasonal) Product Code: MCANDY01
Price: $3.95
Thanksgiving Maple Candy Turkey, 1.5 oz. Product Code: MCTURKEY
Price: $3.75
CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy Product Code: PLAINCHAMP
Price: $5.95
Maple Candy Snowman (Seasonal) Product Code: MCANDY02
Price: $2.35
Pure Maple Candy Snowflake Product Code: MCANDY04
Price: $3.85