Maple City CandyHard Maple Candy

We are thrilled to offer maple sugar candy Halloween shapes that you'll only find here or on our parter site PIECES OF VERMONT®. If you live around St. Albans Vermont, please stop by the store. And if you call in advance we can even have your maple sugar candies made to order, boxed and ready to be picked up. Below are a few of the Halloween candies you'll find in our store that been very popular with online customers for the past couple years.

Please Note: Some of the items below are "seasonal candies" shipped during the months of September and October and may require extra time to create if ordered off season (November through August).

Halloween Chocolate-Maple Frankenstein Candy Product Code: CHOCFRANK
Price: $4.45
Halloween Chocolate-Maple Pumpkin Candy Product Code: CHOCPUMP
Price: $4.45
Halloween Chocolate-Maple Bat Candy Product Code: CHOCBAT
Price: $4.45
Halloween Frankenstein Maple Sugar Candy Product Code: FRANK
Price: $3.85
Halloween Pumpkin Maple Sugar Candy Product Code: PUMPKINFACE
Price: $3.75
Halloween Bat Maple Sugar Candy Product Code: BATHAL
Price: $3.75
CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy Product Code: PLAINCHAMP
Price: $5.95
Hard Maple Candy Leafs Product Code: MCCHARDC1
Price: $0.25