Maple City CandyHard Maple Candy

Though maple sugar candy and maple-flavored goodies are our specialty, we also offer chocolate treats as well. Chocolate Turtles are particularly popular at our candy counter! And, when we can combine delicious maple with chocolate, as with our new Chocolate-Maple Bark or CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy®, our customers just say, "Wow!" Come visit our old-fashioned candy store... you'll be reminded of small independent stores of days past, but you'll also find we're always working on something innovative and new.

Easter Bunny Maple Sugar Candy, 2 oz. Product Code: MCBUNNY
Price: $3.90
Vermont Chocolate-Maple Candy Heart, 1.8 oz. Product Code: CHOCMPLHRT
Price: $3.95
Chocolate-Maple Bark Product Code: MCCBARK
Price: $24.95