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It's easy to create perfect Vermont gift baskets, Christmas gift baskets, corporate gift baskets, gift boxes, and crates, and include only the Vermont gift items you want. Simply select the Vermont maple syrup, pure maple candy, maple cream, Vermont cheese, and other specialty foods, we'll do the rest! Click on one of the images below to get started. You can also create a No Frills assorted Specialty Foods box.

Build a Vermont Gift Basket Product Code: BUILDABSK1
Price: $11.95
Build a Vermont Gift Box Product Code: BUILDABSK3
Price: $6.95
Build a Vermont Gift Crate Product Code: BUILDABSK2
Price: $11.95
Assorted Vermont Specialty Foods Box Product Code: BUILDABSK4
Price: $5.95
Build a Christmas Gift Basket Product Code: HOLBASK1
Price: $12.95