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Children love maple The Syrup... It all starts with maple syrup procured from small, local sugarhouses . That's where we've been getting our pure & natural Vermont maple syrup to make our maple candies, for the past 25 years! Learn more...

MAPLE CITY CANDY is located at 6 Brooklyn Street, Swanton Vermont, at the northern end of the state. We're a maple facility specializing in unique treats that include maple fudge, hard maple candy, pure maple sugar candy, and of course VT maple syrup. In addition to a few old-fashioned candy favorites, our store's candy counter also includes a few delicious items that you won't find just anywhere, such as CHAMP Monster maple candies, unique Halloween maple candy shapes, and of course a customer favorite, holiday sugar plum candy.

Christmas gift During the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday season we are by far the most busy, creating hundreds and hundreds of holiday maple gifts like the one shown here. And our Swanton store is always buzzing with activity, not just during the Christmas season when we decorate the store, but throughout the year. We're proud to say that we are a travel destination for customers near and far.

One of our most popular creations is Chocolate-Maple Bark. It's a fusion of wonderful dark and plain chocolate, flavored with pure maple sugar and bits of maple sugar candy, packaged for holiday gift-giving!

Special thanks to our friends at PIECES OF VERMONT® for helping us create this website - Like any website it's a work in progress, so there's lots more good stuff to come!

Also, a heart-felt Thank You to our loyal customers, both local and across the country who patronize our store online. It's our goal to bring you the very best maple candy, old-fashioned candy, and delicious chocolates and fudge. We know there's a lot of places you can shop. Thanks for shopping with us!